Patio Storage Bench Review

The Suncast Patio Storage Bench is a good looking, all-weather bench that is perfectly suited for nearly any type of patio, deck or poolside décor. Suncast has always been known for making great outdoor furniture and accessories, and they've managed to build on their already strong reputation with the release of this patio bench.

Since it's made from super-durable resin, this is a bench that's designed with long product life in mind. The sun won't fade it and the cold won't crack it. And that's more than can be said about the majority of patio furniture being sold today.

A Little Secret

But the good looks and extreme durability mentioned so far isn't all there is totis. It seems that this decorative outdoor bench also serves as a small storage box too. Yes, the folks at Suncast have gone and made this bench pull double duty, by including 50 gallons of storage capacity inside.

That makes the it no mere patio or deck bench, but a full blown deck box too. You can easily store pool floats, seat cushions, outdoor tools and the kids toys in this deck box/bench, so you get two products in one when you buy it. Nothing like getting more than you expected from a product, right?

Suncast Patio Bench Details, Specs & Features

  • Classic outdoor bench with a neutral, white exterior that looks great on any deck or patio.
  • Made from durable, weather resistant resin.
  • Doubles as a deck box with 50 gallons of storage capacity.
  • Built with Suncast's Stay-Dry design to protect your belongings.
  • Exterior measures 52 ¾ by 21 by 34 ½ inches (W x D x H)
  • Interior measures 47 ¾ by 17 ½ by 16 ½ inches (W x D x H)

Most people put a lot of thought and money into the items that they buy for the yard and pool side areas around their homes. We all know that outdoor cushions, pool toys and outdoor games don't come cheap. So it's essential to have a quick, convenient way to store all that stuff.

It provides a nice place to keep everything organized, protected, dry from rain, mold and mildew. And all the while, it is also an attractive, comfortable bench for you and your guests to sit on during parties, get togethers and barbecues.

Customer Reviews

With over 70 reviews posted for the Suncast PB6700, it has earned a 3.8 out of 5 star rating. Some customers have complained that this bench is a bit tricky to assemble, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions to avoid these kinds of difficulties. Once this bench is assembled, though, it is extremely sturdy and capable of significantly reducing outdoor clutter.

For giving buyers an attractive patio bench, and 50 gallons of convenient storage space from the same product, we give the Suncast Patio Storage Bench our highest recommendation to all our readers.

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