Extra Large Deck Box with Seat

We all know that Rubbermaid pretty much sets the standard when it comes to making a top-notch deck storage box. But did you know that they also make some pretty ingenious outdoor storage products too?

Their Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box with Seat is a perfect example of how it is leading the way in making multi-functional deck boxes/seats. Yes, this model is a combination – all in one product.

Since it's made with the kind of quality that we've all come to expect, this model is quickly becoming a big hit with homeowners.

Deck Storage Box Huge Capacity & Protection

The Rubbermaid Extra Large Storage Deck Box with Seat is a deck box that provides ample storage room to hold your outdoor cushions, toys, sports balls and just about anything else that you keep on your deck or patio.

With 16.2 cubic feet of storage space, you'll have plenty of room to store it all. And since this Rubbermaid deck box provides protection for your belongings – both from the elements and from theft – you can rest assured that all your outdoor gear will be well protected.

Like other Rubbermaid products, this deck box seals up nice and tight and even offers latches to put your own pad lock on – just to keep your stuff extra safe.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Features

  • Can actually be used for indoor or outdoor storage.
  • Doubles as a deck bench, to provide extra seating for family and friends.
  • Provides 16.2 cubic feet of storage space for all of your outdoor cushions, accessories and gear.
  • Made from durable, long-lasting high density polyethylene that is chip and crack resistant.
  • The resin panels on this deck box are interlocking to protect your possessions from the elements.
  • The locking door allows you to keep your stuff protected from theft.
  • The inside dimensions of this deck box/bench are 56.5 inches by 21 inches by 22.5 inches.

It Looks Great

The sides of the Rubbermaid Deck Box with a Seat are brown and the lid is white. This relatively neutral color scheme means that this deck box fits in with just about any type of outdoor furniture.

The brown sides look especially good on decks, as the color really tends to accentuate the natural wood coloring of most decks. They work well as a swimming pool storage box,too.

Deck Storage Box Customer Reviews

It's best to find out what real customers have to say about products before you purchase them for yourself. With over 100 customer reviews published, it has managed to earn a high customer score of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

There were a few complaints from people who said this deck box is too big for their storage needs, but the majority of customers had nothing but praise for this model.

If you've always liked the high quality storage items that Rubbermaid makes, you'll enjoy having this deck storage box on your deck, patio or poolside area.

To see customer reviews, check pricing or to buy click here.

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