Extended Deck Box / Seat Review

Suncast has developed quite a following in recent years. This company produces some of the most durable, yet attractive outdoor furniture and accessories available. Their Extended Deck Box / Seat really demonstrates why Suncast has become such a popular manufacturer, as this deck box/seat gives you the capacity you need to store lots of outdoor tools, toys, mattresses and accessories.

Smart Storage

One thing that most deck boxes have in common is that they are pretty much basic storage accessories. In other words, you open them up and have a large area to store things in. The Suncast DB9750, on the other hand, offers a smarter way to store your items.

Yes, it has 129 gallons of storage capacity, but it's the addition of their handy storage tray that separates it from those other, more basic deck storage boxes. You can store goggles, balls or any other small-to-medium sized objects in the tray, so you can have fast, easy access to these items, without having to root through the entire deck box.

Suncast Extended Deck Box / Seat Features

  • This deck box offers you 129 gallons of interior storage space.
  • Comes with a smart storage tray to separate smaller items from the rest of your stuff.
  • Can be assembled, without the use of any tools, in about 5 minutes
  • The lid is lockable, so you can keep your outdoor belongings safe from theft.
  • Everything in the box stays dry thanks to the clever stay-dry design
  • Exterior dimensions: 53 by 29 by 27 ½
  • Interior Dimensions: 52 by 26 by 22 ¾ inches

With the large storage area, the smart storage tray and an exterior that looks great in any outdoor setting, it's very easy to see whyit is one of the most popular deck boxes on the market today. And since it doubles as a comfortable bench, you actually get a product that is good for more than one thing.

Customer Reviews

While putting this Suncast Extended Deck Box / Seat Review together, we wanted to see what real life customers were saying about this deck box. With nearly 70 reviews published it has earned a 3.9 out of 5 star rating.

A few people were put off by the size – expecting perhaps a smaller unit. But the majority of customers said that this model is a good looking, highly functional combination.

If you're looking for a way to store your outdoor gear, and want to add a bit of outdoor seating at the same time, you simply can't go wrong with the Suncast DB9750.

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