How to Clean a Cedar Deck Box

cedar deck boxCedar deck box is a masterpiece that requires special attention because of the investment involved in it.

With a deck made of cedar wood, a cedar box is the best match to accompany. I always wanted to create a deck with cedar wood to give that country look. Adding cedar deck box accentuated the area.


The mistake one can make with cedar boxes is to stain it. Staining really spoils it appeal and make the box look tacky.  A better option is to wait for some time when you build the box on your own with cedar wood. This is because the wood takes some time to restore its natural form. In the mean time enjoy the fresh smell straight from the forest.

Commercial cleaners are best to clean cedar deck box. I picked up my cleaner from the departmental store in my locality and they don’t even cost much depending on the work they do.

They are good to remove stains and keep your cedar box as good as new. A bottle of cedar cleaner will last for around 6 months. Wash the surface thoroughly after use and let it dry.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood has the tendency to produce dark colored stains on the surface. Thus I use commercial cleaners because they work best. I always look for oxalic acid as one of the ingredients in the cleaners because they work well in removing the toughest stain.

Cedar deck boxes usually have tannin bleeds on them that can be removed easily with cleaners containing oxalic acid. But this type of cleaner does not combat mildew or mould.

When there is a latex stain or oil based stain on my cedar deck box I use paint stripper on them. They come in the form of liquids and can be found in a furniture store. They tend to leave behind residue that can be easily washed off from the wood. Make sure that you remove all traces of residue before applying another coat.

Dirt & Mold

Dirt and mildew are also common sights when you have cedar storage boxes kept outside in the open. Frequent rain showers causes mildew and mould growth on the surface. I clean these with bleach.

Bleach has the power to act on the growth on the cedar surface and detach the growth. But I never scrub the surface vigorously, wiping the area mildly is sufficient. Thorough scrubbing results in chipped and discolored wooden surface.

It is natural to find cedar boxes to get discolored and dull after long use. But there are many products in the market that helps in reviving the natural look of the surface.

Cleaners and restorers work on both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. Whichever product I am using for my box I always use each and every step of the instruction mentioned on the product carefully.

When I invest in a cedar deck box I make sure that is well protected from sun and bad weather. Rain water is their worst enemy when not dried completely. The trick lie in keeping the surface of the cedar deck box clean and dry always.

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