How to Care for Wicker Deck Storage Boxes

bench-deck-boxI bought a  Wicker Deck Storage Box at a reasonable price and was amazed by its wear-lasting and substantial quality. I bought it so that I can store the chair covers and bed sheets.

It was really good experience with such product. As the product is very stunning, I always used to check so that no damage occurs with it. I asked for all the properties of the Wicker Deck Storage Box so that I can take care of it.


It is most important to have some advice and counseling for the activities that can result the product to last long. I found lots of way and some fine tricks to enhance the products as long as I keep on using it. I tried my best to cover my entire experience to share with everyone that can really be a helpful aid in caring with it.

The majorities of different problems and consequences that arise in the future with the Wicker Deck Storage Box are due to the excess dust traces. For this I used to give a thoroughly scrub once a month.


In case of faded and smudgy surface I found that ammonia solution wash with immediate rinse off with water can be a better solution. Ammonia shows no harm to the material of the product.
The Wicker Deck Storage Box is made up off a form of wood namely Wicker.

The product is so more likely to get damaged. I was already aware of it and therefore got success in caring that storage accessory more likely. The wood is thoroughly dried and then woven to increase its strength and durability.

The knits in the box used to be more cared. The box is though weather resistance and rust resistance, I never underestimated to care for it. I used to try all measures like scrubbing with soft paintbrush, applying vacuum cleaner or high powered blowers to extricate all the dusts in between the wicker knits.


Though it is easy to assemble the storage box, it is necessary to be careful while assembling. I used to take care of those handles and stay up lid as they were more appealing to me. The lid stays at a position cooperating to place goods in and out of the box.

The yellowing of the wood is also common and significant case of study. As a remedy to escape from such result that can make my box look completely stupid, I prefer damp cleaning in some sunny days.

As long as the matter of enduring and stability to surface of Wicker Deck Storage Box is concerned, I consider either of coats of varnish and lacquer to keep the appearance of wicker surface looks glossy and long lasting. In addition to these I also prefer furniture wax that will fix details of the product for years with no more maintenance.

Though wicker maintenance is not a big deal to conduct, I think additional care and maintenance to Wicker Deck Storage Box make it to happen for periods of time with no change in properties and features.