Care Instructions for Pool Deck Storage Boxes

pool deck storage boxPool deck storage boxes are exposed to rain, sun, water and chemicals and thus they must be taken care of in a good way.

They are basically meant for storing equipments or tools related to the swimming pool. Whenever, you need any tool in the pool, they are close at hand.

When it is being used so frequently following some care instructions become mandatory to be followed.

First of all

I like to keep my storage bench box squeaky clean. This is because when my children are sitting on it they are in their swimwear.


I don’t want them to suffer from skin rashes or get scratched. There may be debris on the surface that may scratch the skin. Thus, cleaning the box everyday is a must for me.


Simple Cleaning


Simply wiping with cotton cloth soaked in water suffices. Moreover, there must not be any sharp edges on the pool deck storage box as it is dangerous.


Thus, you must always keep an eye whether the surface is smooth or not. Sharp edges can be fixed within minutes by using some smoothing tools. Another important thing to notice is that the furniture on the pool deck is exposed to water and thus they must be waterproof.


What materials is it made from


Plastic furniture has thick coating of sealants that prevent water from coming in contact with the surface of the box whether it is plastic, wood or metal. Anti rust coating is also helpful in avoiding rust formation on the hinges of the pool deck storage box.


When the pool storage bench is not used during winters it makes sense to bring it indoors and do not allow it to get exposed to harsh climatic conditions.


Alternatively, the box bench can also be placed under a shade in the area but covered well with plastic sheets to prevent water or snow to come in contact. It is good to make a folding storage box that can be stored easily when not in use.


Cleaning The Exterior and Interior


Regular cleaning and caring of the pool box will make sure that the surface of the box is in good condition. The paint of the box also matters a lot. Exposure to water causes chipping of the paint.

Even the slightest chip must not be ignored as the exposed wood inside is vulnerable to moulds and cracks. Repaint the surface after scrubbing off the old paint.


The paint or the top coating of the pool deck box bench can be replaced once a year to make it look good. Generally, pool side benches are painted with white plastic paint. It is easy to post any imperfections on white paint and thus there is no risk of danger to the skin.


Whatever type of storage box you have regular cleaning with water and soap is the best care that you can give to it. Remove all traces of soap by washing the pool deck storage box with plenty of water.

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